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Sunday, December 29, 2013


I know it's not good for saying this... but, just like fast food, we know it's unhealthy yet we still eat it; just like smoking, they know it's detrimental to health yet they still smoke; just like us, we know it's not good crapping yet we still can't help, but crap...

Why are you always seeking our attention?? W-H-Y ? 

You'r so annoying(!), so so annoying that I don't feel like wanting to make friend with you. I'm trying to control myself already, but in your case, I endured it many times and finally I think that you're real irritating.

Don't tell me, you have a villa in AUS because I went to your house and realized you live in a simple and crude house.
Don't tell me, you were intended to study Medicine in AUS because you said you have a BIGGG villa there and it's inherited by your dad, and now you're studying Form 6.
Don't tell me, you won the first place in Public Speaking in State level and now you said you lost the BIGGGG trophy which you dunno you've put it where.
Don't tell me, you want to be successful since you do not take the move to invest your brain, instead kept asking my teams to have fun with you.
Don't tell me, all of the sudden, you're "afraid" of this, "scared" of that, whereas before this, you were so determined to be in that field now you're saying you've had enough of it, like wanting me to comfort you more.


Please stop the brag, stop the crap.

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