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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Realization.

I had a little friendly 'catch up' with Han Hong, he's so experienced. *thumbs up* He told me the darkest side of the society and it alerted me very much. I admire a-n-y-o-n-e who has exposed oneself so much to the society and acquired 'street smart' just like that. My ex told me many of that too, and above all that's why I respected him so much. Never did I realize my friend in Puchong has that same kind of 'knowledge', which indirectly means that I'm like a protected bird in a bird's cage... no no no, being locked in the bird's cage means you lost freedom well my parents have given me enough of spaces... yeah, I'm like a frog beneath the well :( But, I guess most of the girls are the so-called "frog" as well? And "bird"? At least I know all these now. 

Sometimes, it's not that I'm naive or what, I naively choose to believe the brighter side instead of wanting to know the darker side. In this world, I'm too small, too small too incautious too unaware of the changing world, and the changing people. Thanks for having you, coming across me. And thanks for having me, coming across you. You, as in anyone of you who appeared in my life to teach me a lesson. I naively believe that every person appears for a reason; some may become your friends, some may leave you; some may encourage you; some may pour cold water over you, etc; these, are the people, who, you should a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e. Without them, you wouldn't have realized you've actually grown so much compared to last time. :) 

I realized, this society is pure, with the innocent people; but it is dark, with complicated people. What am I going to do... Do you think you're ready to face all these? Well, I will just get ready and be prepared for all the coming challenges. I will make sure I've had enough of AQ to handle all these, thus before that, I have to train myself, and expose myself to more friends, so that I can know the world better. Not only to know the world better through friends BTW, through telecommunication and social networks, etc/ 

Come ahead with me!! All dirty-minded, close-minded, foxy, lazy, absurd, insane, arrogant, stuck-up, addictive... any bad and mean people! I wanna learn more about the darkest side of the society from you! Why I don't wanna expose myself to the brighter side of the society? It's because I innocently believe that the society's goodness's still out beat the evil out there! :D What your heart thinks makes you that kind of person you want to be. 

Till then. Good night! :')    

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