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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Selfie To Welcome New Year.

I've changed, I've grown up, I can feel it.
How about you? :)

I woke up, I felt the same - cozy and comfortable in my bed. Realizing the day had passed by, the time had slipped by, this year had come to an end. I opened by eyes, gazed into the stationary furniture in my room, the light penetrated through my green curtain, making the whole environment greenery and comfortable to the eyes. I remembered the first thing I did was checking my mobile phone what's the time at the moment and unconsciously checked my WeChat, Facebook, Dayre, Instagram for notifications, such a busy kickstart, and the routine repeats almost every morning :)

I felt the serenity, I then downloaded many of Taylor Swift's songs. Realizing the time was ticking quickly, it was 11am and I quickly went downstairs to enjoy my breakfast - it's "roti canai" for today! Well, mom had bought a "chi cheong fan", I wanted to eat it so badly but then still decided to leave it for my elder sis, it's her favourite.

I didn't know it's already 4pm when I was enjoying my selfies with my brother's mobile phone. I was surprisingly looking good today! I thought I was quite photogenic at the moment, so I had fun taking pictures of myself :)

I have tutorials and lectures yesterday and today, in fact my Tuesday schedule was the most pack! I still decided to skip it, because after all, I want to spend the last day of the year with my family. I love you dad, mom, sisters and brothers... you're my everything, I'm working hard for you, at the same time to accomplish my materialism and dignity.


Throughout the year, thanks for all the moments - memories shall be kept, for the joyful ones; and faded, for the miserable ones. Thanks for coming across my life; thanks for having me, to come across you, to shape me into a better person. I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason, and above all, I feel thankful for a life lesson learned.

Everything will be the same, still; the only think is that, I will not stop improving myself and changing myself into the character I want. When the heart says yes, everything will be a yes eventually; I trust the law of attraction, and I believe in the purest form and nature of attraction.

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