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Sunday, January 12, 2014

111 ♥

Coincidentally, it's my brother's and my bff Lilian's birthday today! :) So sorry it never occur to me that your Birthday is on the same date with my brother, Lilian! To tell the truth, I'm all eaten up by guiltiness and sorry, because... I've even forgotten about my brother's birthday! When it happened that my siblings kept mentioning about it, supposedly it should be something that knock me hard at the head but... awfully worse, I still doubt the date. It's 111 hello!! How can I have forgotten about it?? I'm nuts - you name it. #yesiam

I'm mad. I'm losing focus. I'm irresponsible. I'm not lovable. I'm selfish. I'm bad. I'm mean. I'm bad. I's mean.

What else? Ok, I feel slightly better now.

No, I'm very bad. And selfish. Sorryyyyyy. A thousand sorries still could not replenish the guiltiness in me. And even worse, I've forgotten about meeting up with Christie today! Just kill me. Such a promise-breaker, irresponsible, forgetful, selfish - me. All the while I've been thinking about only me.

R&J Walnut Cheesecake, if you want to give it a try,
tell me, I can drop you there and let's enjoy it together! :)

Celebrating my brother's birthday at Mr. Ho's Bistro @BandarPutri.
I supposed it's mostly filled up with olive oil??

Not all the time I'm photogenic. So in this very evening, I managed to capture some shots of mine.



It's 11st of Jan, how you feel? :)
Gotta date Lilian in the coming CNY ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday brother! I wish you grow up all healthy and happy ♥! MUAXXX

Happy Birthday Lilian! I wish you grow up all pretty and happy♥! Thanks for telling me that you're treating me as your BFF, in the world that you're finding a place to fit in, have faith in me for I can give you my loves ♥ Sincerely I do :)

One day I'm gotta leave everything behind and fly :)

Good night all! Thanks for reading :) 

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