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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On fire!

Studying for my finals half-way there, surreptitiously scrolled down my FB home page then I saw this!!

Feeling quite amused by the words that wished the fire will go on hell burning my University! I guessed everyone of us wished the fire will go astray and spread to MMU which's just next to the spot! It's my finals tomorrow --- my housemates and I went to one end of the corridor in our Ixora Apartment to capture some shots of this incident; not that at the course of the incident we chose to take photo instead of helping out, we, can't help anything. I heard ambulance alarms keep echoing in the air and I'm very sure there isn't only ONE ambulance which arrived on the spot. The flames are facing MMU hostel, I wish my friends who stay in there will take good care of their health... The air, has been polluted so wildly, so drastically! 

Before this, I heard a lot of bombing sounds. I predict that someones played with the (extraordinary) firecrackers at the field and the little fire started to flame humbly then going on daringly wild there. Such an unbeatable spirit. I can even imagine the atomic nuclear reaction the moment it 'bombed'.

Then my FB home is flooded with these alarming notifications...

Thought of uploading one as well the moment I saw it, thought that my non-MMU friends can see and know what's happening around me, then nahhhhh. It's way too outrageously wide-spread among my friends here, quite annoying sometime, kind of self-conscious at the moment. 

Best collage after all!
[Picked and saved from FB- I do not own this picture]

It's a hot & pity night. Still working hard on Constitutional Law, God bless me :)


duckieb3s said...

hello shan! pass by your bloggie to say hi.

† Mэღn Shай 乄 said...

Hello sweetie! I'm 4 days late! Contact me when U see this. Let's meet up ;)