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Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Unforgettable Valentine's Day!

It's my first time celebrating Valentine's Day and I can't tell how excited I was and I really can't wait for it. My nerves, my blood kept telling me something good was going to happen. Remembering last time how I hinted him that I want a flower and I always like to have flower, be it a flower or a bouquet of flowers... hold on, in my mind, I always want red roses, but, it's OK to be another species of flower too :')

It's not an easy day to go through. I was having my final exams for exactly two weeks and on the 14th Feb itself I had my last paper which was the Criminal Law II. I thought it's the biggest challenge of the year so far as I need to suppress all my enthusiasm and excitement in preparing for the V' day. I had been surfing YouTube on what to bake, what card to make and even surfed Google for assistance. It was disappointing that I still did not have any idea on making a wonderful and memorable card the weeks before the finals. I know I can't prepare anything during the exam weeks as I would be so occupied and stressed out with the memorizing course so, it's better to get ready earlier than later.

In dismay, a light bulb lighted upon my head - guess what! I can just refer to and ask my elder sister about it right, hell yeah! She's been the biggest inspiration in my art and craft world and she always can come out with the easiest most amazing creation. I did follow her idea and made one! :D THANK YOU SIS! You don't know how meaningful it was to me!

Successful piece of art! I used approximately four hours to make the whole card! ;)

I had another idea, that's to bake white chocolate biscuits for him a few days before the last few papers since I thought they shouldn't be that heavy as I tried to cover the last few subjects as much as I can before the exam weeks. But, I was wrong...

I procrastinated 'till the last paper, which was exactly on the V'day. Can you believe this... it's like, I was so near to slapping myself for believing that I will have time for that and then everything will turn out fine, as I imagined. It's good to be confident but, it's never good if you don't have enough of preparation. My elder sis was right, she once told me sarcastically that I need her when I bake. In retort, I jokingly said, "Excuse me? I can handle it myself ok, don't be so perasan and think that you're that pro." Look like I would need to swallow my own words and be regret.

So the baking things didn't turn out fine. And I was only left with a piece of... card to be presented to him. I wondered what would he be giving me? There's no wonder actually. I knew he would be giving me FLOWERS. I knew him too well, I hinted him twice, it can't be that he's so unaware :P I even asked my elder sis if he really gave me flowers, what should I respond to it?? (Because I knew I would be stunned and forgot to react) And, should I bring along the flowers to the restaurant that he was about to bring me to dine?? My sis just gave me a cold shoulder and told me not to be too overwhelmed with my own fascination as it may not be flowers, so that I do not expect high and feel utter disappointment afterwards. Lalala~ I knew he would be giving me flowers, something told me that he's going to give that to me, so I basically did not really take in her words and just being happy in counting the days :-*

Guess what?

He texted me and said he's waiting me downstairs and patiently asked me what time would I come down (that time I was very busy gussy up and make-up so I was late by 20 minutes...)

When I reached downstairs, he was already in the car. When I got into the car, he presented me a bouquet of... ROSES! Hahahahaha! At a point I was really stunned and bewildered with the beauty of  the roses. Oh my, don't you know, roses are the easiest flowers to draw and it also symbolizes Lady Diana - the England's Rose. I hugged my boyfriend so tight and kept thanking him. He's just so sweet and romantic! :-* XOXO

How beautiful can roses be? x

He wanted to fetch me to a vegetarian shop but he changed his mind (thanked goodness!) because he said it wasn't that romantic to celebrate V'day in a vegetarian shop. The reason why I wouldn't fancy the idea is because... it's not romantic at all :( but I did hint him that I wasn't at all excited about the idea of going to Vege restaurant. Looked like he sensed it. Hehe!

Kensington in Melaka. The environment was overall good, looked like they did prepare well for the celebrations.
I mean two celebrations at once - one is Chinese New Year the other is V'day.
Both were in red and we can really see how they matched with each other :)

With my Mr. Right. I love him so much!!

Me with roses and lavenders. He's so cute, he didn't really want to take picture with
the flowers even with me holding it because he thought it's very... girlish. Hehehe!

But at the end, he still agreed to take a picture with me and the flowers. Because he loves me more!

The day ended happily. It was my first Valentine's Day and it was unforgettable. Yes, because of the flowers and his hugs and kisses. :P

Have a good day! XOXO

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